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DIY FEET: Take care of your feet by trimming and filing your nails regularly, moisturize your feet, and use a foot scrub. You may also want to use a foot cream, DIY balm, or epsom foot soaks at home!

Foot Soak Recipe for Sore Feet with Essential Oils - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Sore and aching feet can really ruin your day, revive them with this foot soak recipe for sore feet. If you walked around a lot at work, wore high heels, went on a long hike, or just hurried all over to get things done, sore feet may be the result.

How to Make a DIY Foot Soak with Epsom Salt - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Do you know how to make a DIY foot soak with epsom salt? Foot soaks, besides warming up your feet and helping you relax, have a bunch of other benefits. It is believed that by using the right ingredients, foot soaks can boost your immune system, stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and aid in maintaining a proper foot care routine.

5 Amazing Benefits of Soaking Your Feet - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Do you know that the mere gesture of soaking your feet can have healing properties and health benefits? If you don't have this simple ritual included in your self-care routine, you will want to add it after finding out all about the benefits of soaking your feet.

How to Make a Foot Soak at Home for Achy Feet - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Do you know how to make a foot soak at home? Whether you're looking to take care of your achy feet or simply relax, you can easily make a foot soak at home by using a few ingredients.

3 Terrific Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak Benefits - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient almost all of us have in the kitchen. We use it for various purposes, as it is entirely natural and free of chemicals. However, you probably never considered adding it to your foot baths.

What is the Best Homemade Foot Soak for Dry Feet? - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee The cold season is almost here and what does this mean? Among others, it means that most of us will battle with dry feet. Since you're reading this, there is a high chance you're looking for a way to get softer feet.

5 Types of DIY Foot Care Recipes You Can Try At Home - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Feet undergo a lot of wear and tear during the day. Especially if you walk a lot or stand for your job. So, you want to take extra good care of them. We'll teach you how to do this here, and will introduce you to several great DIY foot care recipes!

5 Benefits of DIY Foot Scrubs - Start Scrubbing Your Feet! - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Do you know all the benefits of foot scrubs? Do you suffer from dry, cracked feet? Are you long overdue for a trip to the spa? Do you wish you could pamper yourself at home during the week?

Coconut Oil Foot Mask Recipe for Softer Feet - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee You can use coconut oil on your feet with this Coconut Oil Foot Mask recipe to obtain skin softening effects for your cracked and dry feet. There are different types of diy feet masks to enjoy with various ingredients, but we recommend mixing a coconut oil and honey to make this homemade foot mask for yourself.

Why Foot Care is Important? - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Do you know why foot care is important? Our feet are designed to help us walk and perform a wide range of movements. Without them, our day would be a lot different. In ancient times, humans relied on their feet for finding food, hunting, and moving to better places.

What To Put In A Foot Bath? - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Would you like to enjoy a foot bath, but you don't know what ingredients to use to get the expected results? The best part about foot baths is that they can be customized to meet your needs. So, if you are unaware of what to put in a foot bath, read on.

7 Must Have DIY Foot Care Tools to Beautify Feet - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Having a pedicure done at a salon is one of those treats every woman should enjoy periodically. There's something amazing about feeling our feet smooth and soft, and our toenails clean and beautiful. However, it is possible to care for your feet at home, without going through too many troubles.

5 Different Types of Feet - Which Type Do You Have? - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Did you know that there are different types of feet? You may have noticed when at the pool, that your feet are different, in shape, from those of your friends. That's probably because feet come in various shapes and sizes. Do you know your feet type?

Coconut Oil for Cracked Feet with DIY Foot Soak - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Have you used coconut oil for cracked feet? Find out how coconut oil can help your dry feet plus get a DIY foot soak for cracked feet. No one wants cracked and dry feet.

Ultimate Foot Care Basics Guide for Healthy Feet - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee Your feet are an essential part of your life. They help you walk, stay upright, and also keep your body in balance. So, you want to give your feet the love they deserve by taking care of them properly.

What is an Orange Stick for Nails and Cuticles? - DIY Feet

Written by: Jenna Lee What is an orange stick for nails? Have you ever used an orange stick to push back your cuticles? The main purpose of wooden orange sticks is to clean under and around nails and to push back cuticles. Clean and healthy looking fingernails, toenails and cuticles always look beautiful.

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